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image of Fred Wilder as the Collector.


Photo of The Collector, played by Fred Wilder.

Wilder plays a collector of strange and beautiful objects. His obsession leads to an unexpected adventure in mind.


image of Courtney Knight as the model.


Photograph of Courtney Knight as the Model.
Lovely and voluptuous, but will she take her turn at bat?


For Immediate Release - January 25, 2014

Writer-director Fred Wilder's latest film is The Collector (2014), filmed shortly after his surgery for brain cancer.

A dreamlike reflection on youth, beauty, and obsession, The Collector is the tale of an ill man who seeks freedom in his collection of old baseballs. His madness drives him to create butterflies from the baseball leather, leading to a vision of seduction that may or may not be reality.

The Collector was conceived to make use of the juxtaposed imagery of Fred's cranial scar with that of the image of the beautiful and talented actress Courtney Knight. The minimalist soundscape that accompanies the film was composed by Wilder, with editing and digital animation effects by his wife, Candy.

Wilder's films contain an otherworldly quality; some sequences appear to be inexplicable, and he uses stop-motion animation to paint emotion into his films. He creates most of the props and scenery himself, saying, of these are each in their own way a work of art. He chooses to work in black and white, but sometimes inserts scenes with color. He prefers in-camera effects and works with a special camera he built himself.

Wilder wants his films to resonate emotionally and instinctively, and for every person to come away with their own individual interpretation. He says, "I do not make movies, I create works of art, whether that medium be canvas, film stock, or videotape." Fred Wilder is original.





Photo of Poet, Artist and Filmmaker,  Fred Wilder 2006.


Photo of writer and director Fred Wilder.
Fred Wilder is a poet, artist and independent filmmaker from Orange County, California, whose work encompasses film, video, and sound collages as extensions of his paintings. Fred has posted his artwork regularly on the internet since 1995 and he has generated a worldwide following of loyal fans from his exposure on the internet. Fred has completed many short films and animations to date, and enjoys trekking into the surreal in everything he does.




Fred Wilder as the Madman - "I collect that which intrigues, both weird and wonderful."

Courtney Knight as the Model - "I take my pleasure from the butterflies."

Director - Fred Wilder
Writer - Fred Wilder
Editing - Candy Wilder
Digital Effects - Candy Wilder
Lighting - Fred Wilder
Camera - Candy Wilder
Transportation - Tracy Swineford
Original Music - Fred Wilder
Craft Services - Q-Tortas' Tacos



Fred Wilder
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