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Fred Wilder was born in the state of Indiana in the late fall of 1962, his family moved to Southern California in 1965, and since then Fred has lived in Orange County. California Or at least that is what he was led to believe until only recently we discovered the government documents stating Fred's origins are not of this world but actually the little known town of Saturday on a moon orbiting the planet now called Jupiter in this nine planet system of Sol. Nothing is really clear to us from this point on but that does explain a few things about his person that had been in question for so many years. but other than that the artist knowen as Fred Wilder is rooted in Orange County, California just a few miles away from the corporate funplex of MickeylandŽ. Fred has traveled around a bit but always seems to end up back here in Orange County, California.

Fred began drawing soon after he learned to speak. W've been told the first image Fred scribbled down was a donkey. No political affiliation was implied,Fred enjoyed riding the donkeys at the fairgrounds. Fred began to paint with gouache on typing paper at age 12. He began making weird sculptures from junk and scraps of wood and painted these with acrylic paints by age 17.

We will not go too deeply into Fred's childhood other than to say that he suffered many prolonged illnesses all through his formative years. Fred lost his spleen at age seven in an automobil accident in St. louis, Mosouri. Fred was hospitalized many times during the first twenty years of his life. He suffered many physical injures from the hands of his Father. Fred underwent surgery to remove and peel his left lung like an orange and then scrub that lung with penicillin before returning the organ to his chest. recovery was slow.On being discharged from the Hospital after nearly three months Fred was diagnosed with Acquired immune disorder not HIV he was given 1 to 3 months to live. In the months and years that followed Fred Wilder suffered many of the illness usually reserved for old age. Because of this and other factors now living at home, Fred could not attend high school. Without the funds to purchase much in the way of art supplies, nor having the opportunity of art training, Fred taught himself to paint by working on typing papper then heavy artist's papper then eventualy he painted on scraps of wood, cardboard boxes, and old furniture as his canvases.

Art was not Fred's only interest. His deep love for science, electronics, space exploration and mechanical men. Drove him to independant studying from books borrowed from the libary. Some of Fred's strongest influences are the works of writers like Isaac Asimov and H.G. Wells, and early sci-fi movies such as Forbidden Planet and Silent Running with those realistic looking robots. Fred managed to get to the local library as often as he could figuring if he can't go to High school He would just teach himself. Fred checked out as many books as he could carry and made a study of electronics and engineering books for many years and taught him self to use an oscilloscope and other electronic test instruments. When Fred was younger he used to go dumpster diving for old radios and other electric appliances and he would take them apart for the electronic parts inside. Fred's first rudimentary audio synthesizers were built from such scavenged parts.

Fred took the entrance exam to Fullerton College a scored so high that His Councler Dr. Gray Could not belive Fred had graduated from Fullerton High School. Fred almost broke down and cried. He told Dr. Gray how very sorry he was for the deception and that he had not graduated in fact Fred had droped out of High School just befor his 16th birthday. Dr. Gray said well then tell me how did you score so very high on our exam? Fred replied I studied the books at the libary. Dr. Gray laughed and then said well that explains everything. Good Man! Well Fred do you have any idea what you would like to study here? Fred Told Dr. Gray Electronics and computer sciences. Dr.Gray setup a coriculiam for Fred that resulted in a degree in engineering. After Fred's first year of college He took a job at a stereo repair shop to help pay his way through college.

Music and sound constructions are other interests of Fred's. In the early 1980s he began making experimental electronic music by patching together audio test generators and home audio equipment in the back room of the stereo repair shop that he managed for several years. If only the customers knew what Fred was doing with their cherished sound equipment! ;-) Since that timeFred has been able to acquire and refurbish several older synthesizers and other pieces of classic audio equipment, which he now uses to make recordings of electronic soundscapes, beat poetry with minimal instrument backing, harsh noise industrial sounds, noisescapes, luxus collages of found sounds from shortwave radio samples, to sounds from home and around the the city. Fred purchased his first electric bass guitar a Fender at about age 19 and played in several noise bands that you've never heard of. Fred still plays bass For the fluxus noise band he founded while attending college,The Sex Socks. Boom Boom Booom! yeah just like that.
After college Fred found employment as an engineer at several large industrial machine manufactuers. For about six years Fred Wilder worked as an engineer but eventuly he found that this type of work bored him to tears. He left that last company for good and opened his own studio making art and primitive furniture. Fred built sets for theatres and mechanical effects for opera companies and other varity of artist.

All of this has culminated into a focus, to share Fred's visions worldwide. Often Wilder's vision is accompanied with the idea of sound, electronic and moving images. For a long time Fred felt like a filmmaker that was expressing himself through paint and canvas instead of film. Now days Fred primarly writes and makes films but he still finds time to paint when the muse is with him.

We all need encouragement to get through the day. A wise man once said, "We are all in hell together, and it behooves each of us to help the other out." That is what I hope to accomplish with my art, films,music, and stories - to help people deal with the craziness of life a little and hopefully to help you smile once and awhile. Life is far too short to take it seriously unless you make it seriously funny from time to time.


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