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April 27th 2021
We have aquired a small studio space in which to work and are progressing to complete the film Das Puppets. Thanks inpart to your kind Donations the Fred Wilder film, Das Puppets will get made you can follow our progress at: https://facebook.com/daspuppets

February 4th 2021
It would seem that it takes considerably more than a few years to recover from Brain surgery! Fred Wilder is working to complete Das Puppets. Thanks impart to your kind Donations the Fred Wilder film, Das Puppets will get made you can follow our progress at: https://facebook.com/daspuppets

September 17th 2015
after three years of recovery from brain surgery Fred Wilder is back in the saddle and working to complete the film Das Puppets. We still need your help, Our film is in post production we still need some funds to complete Das Puppets. All Donations on our gofundme drive will receive credit in the film. Here is your chance to emortalise your name and be a part of the Fred Wilder film, Das Puppets. Make your pledge at: https://www.gofundme.com/daspuppets

October 28th 2011:
BAD NEWS: As of October 6th 2011 Fred Wilder has undergone three surgeries. On the 6th of October a large tumor the size of a plum was removed from his brain and it was discovered to be cancerous. Over the coarse of the next few weeks Fred will undergo both Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment to eradicate the remaining cancer cells in Fred's head.

My most sincere and profuse apologies for all fans and collectors of my artwork but I am in no state to be packing and shipping my artwork or conversing by email at this time. Please bear with me and the long expected delays it may take me as much as a week or two or more just to reply to your email. I will do my best to take care of art sales from my ebay page, and the Fred Wilder etsy store but please do know I thank you in advance for understanding, Fred

F. Wilder' Books and Videos may be purchashed directly from Amazon.com without a problem.



September 10, 2011:
As part of the (WRITE NOW) Visual Poetry Exhibition, Fred Wilder has been asked to exhibit his poetry and artwork by The Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture.

, Fred's latest Steampunk creation titled The Edison Poem will be on public display at the Chicago Cultural Center in Chicago Illinois,. USA. Beginning September 30th 2011 through January 8th 2012. Opening and artist's reception is Friday Sept, 30th 2011. A short video of the Chicago Fluxus show is no available at:



May 10, 2011:
The Fred Wilder film short Spleen of St. Louis, has been selected to screen at the Phoenix Comicon in the Phoenix Convention center, Arizona. USA. This is a 4 day Comic and SciFi convention. spleen of St. Louis is scheduled to screen during the Film Program in the Phoenix Convention Center on Friday May 27 at 10:00 PM.

Phoenix Comicon Film Schedule.



January 9, 2011:
I have a new book of poetry that was just released today and available for purchase online.
The Poetry of Filth, is a sinister and sweat treat for dark poetry lovers. Find out more by clicking on the book image.

Poetry of Filth book icon



December 31, 2010:
A work of art from my Penis series has been selected to show during the BISMARCK exhibition in Germany currated by Roland Halbritter.
This was a custom work created especially for the exhibition scheduled to take place at the Museum Obere Saline in Germany. The show will run from May 27th through September 18th 2011.


November 29, 2010:
It is Cyber-Monday and all fleshies must die!
We just added some new artwork to the Fred Wilder etsy store. Also check out the great deals in our Fred Wilder Zazzle store. Just in time for the Holly Daze.


Scheide und Kraut album 2010 The Scheide und Kraut fluxus noise album is also available from Amazon in both a physical CD and as a MP3 download.





July 3, 2010:
A new fluxus art film Spleen of St. Louis, written and directed by Fred Wilder is scheduled to screen as part of the Fluxus St. Louis event that coincides with the 5th Annual City-Wide Open Studios, presented by the Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
Open Studios St. Louis, MO. runs from July 20th through July 25th 2010.

Fluxus St. Louis, July 24th and 25th 2010
Location: The Art Farm of Keith A. Buchholz
4615 Oregon Ave.
St. Louis, MO. 63111
Open Studios St. Louis, MO. website and schedule.


May 2, 2010:
Fred has been extremely busy this last couple of months with film work. After 3 weeks of production and post Fred has just completed editing his latest fluxus art film with the working title of SPLEEN of St. LOUIS. This is Fred's official entry into the art event FLUXUS ST. LOUIS taking place in St. Louis, Missouri 2010 more on that later. The film has also been submitted to several film festivals World wide so stay tuned for screening dates. Fred is still working on principle photography for the film Das Puppets, and juggling Fred's art shows through out the year.
A professionaly pressed and packaged version of the album of Fluxus sound poetry musique concrete titled SCHEIDE und KRAUT by Dirty Fritz and The SEX SOCKS, is now available on CD and as a MP3 download. This was original only available as a limited edition of artist-made compact discs but there has been such a demand for the Scheide und Kraut recordings that I have now made them available to everyone who is into poetry and strange outsider sound scapes. The new album contains a bonus track with Dirty Fritz on guitar reading two new poems, Fred has also created completely new artwork for this album inside and out.

You can Buy the CD or MP3 online here:

Check my ebay auctions (user I.D. fredwilder ) for limited one off editions of my fluxus sound recordings.


October 12, 2009:
I have been working on several small film projects and I have been busy sending out a newly completed film short titled LABEL HORRORS, to film festivals. The film features Rachael Farrokh, and Jack Ritchie in a dark comedy, what else? I did quite a bit of work on this film project but the film was co-written directed and filmed by my wife Candy Wilder so wish her good luck and maybe the film will get a screening some time soon. Personally I think its a winner.


November 13, 2008:
Das Puppets a new film from Fred Wilder is now nearing completion on principl photography. This film is do out in Festival about mid 2009.

Visit our myspace page at:



May 24, 2008:
Zen Josey star of Vampire Flesh the new film trilogy I have been working on for the past year was kind enough to stop by the Tikki Room to record her reading of Vampire Flesh the poem. This has been made available as a sound file on myspace and is now I am pleased to anounce been crafted into a film trailer of sorts. It is actually a film short all on its own and may see some screenings in film festivals later this year but for now follow these links to view it online.

The trailer for Vampire flesh is located at:




February 15, 2008:
This March was a busy month in the studio I completed editing my new film ZOMBEES and have begun submitting the film to film Festivals. Check the Screenings tab above for film screenings in your area summer 2008. I am back to work on Vampire Flesh this week. Both of these films took much more work than I had originlay planed for and I am now focusing on completing Chapter one of Vampire Flesh without any further delays it should be out in festivals this summer. Chapters 2 and 3 will have to wait until next year I'm afraid to say. You can follow the films progress and read about the productions at myspace.com.

Two official myspace pages for the films are located at:




February 15, 2008:
Well I have been very busy and not updated this page in some time I see. I am in production the films ZomBees, and Vampire Flesh as well as just finished a new CD of Fluxus sound poetry musique concrete titled SCHEIDE und KRAUT. You can Buy CDs at http://stcroixstudios.com/wilder/music/cdsales.html
Check my ebay auctions for limited one off editions of these CDs.

Two official myspace pages for the films are located at:




May 20, 2007:
The art film project I call Vampire Flesh has taken on a life of its own. We have cancelled production on the Fast Karl film and are devoting all our efforts into Vampire Flesh a St.Croix Studios production starring Zen Josey as the vampire named Eris.
There is a video log about the film located at www.youtube.com/fredwilder

Vampire Flesh now has an official myspace page where you can see photographs from on the film set and get more up to date details by subscribing to my blog for this film.


March 22, 2007:
Just wrapped on two film shorts. BEES film short was shot the first week of March. Working title Vampire Flesh the first chapter of what looks to be a three part series was shot March 18 at St.Croix Studios with actor Zen Josey playing the part of the vampire or is she a vampire? These both are in the Can as they say and waiting the edit and sound mix. All the while we are working on preproduction for the Fast Karl documentary due out this summer. Cutting it close but we should be able to pull it off.
See photos from the film set and Get more details by subscribing to my blog at the myspace page http://www.myspace.com/fredwilder

January 24, 2007:
Well if 2007 is anything like last year it should be a lot of fun and full of surprises. The robot Fast KARL has taken the world by storm with his films still out at the film festivals and creating quite a sensation. His Zazzle gift store has been selling official T-Shirts and buttons like crazy so it would seem he has garnered quite the fan base. Its all very over whelming to say the least. You can see a couple of film trailers here http://www.youtube.com/fredwilder
We are currently working on some very exciting things for Fast KARL but that's all hush hush for now. If you want the most up to date info on KARL check out his myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/fastkarl


July 14, 2006:
The 64th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) has selected two of Fred Wilder's films titled KARL BITES, and SCREAM KARL to screen at this year's short film program. Screens August 25, 2006 from 1 to 2PM In the Hilton Video room, Hilton Hotel next to the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. USA.
For more Film Screening dates click here.


May 30, 2006:
It's official the Fullerton Historic Theatre Foundation and the 2006 Fullerton Film Festival (F3), have selected two of Fred Wilder's films KARL BITES, and SCREAM KARL to screen at this year's inaugural festival, August 3-6, 2006 in Fullerton, California.
An eclectic mix of international, classic, and recent features and shorts, as well as music videos, animation and experimental works, will be presented at the Fox Fullerton Theatre along with several downtown venues, including Plummer Auditorium, the Wilshire Auditorium, Fullerton College, Fullerton Museum, and indie storefront theaters Stages and the Maverick.
This summer in Fullerton CA, is your chance to see Fast KARL the robot that craves human women on the Big and not so big screen. Mark your calander!
Fullerton Film Festival Details Click HERE!

Tickets online at: BROWN PAPER TICKETS


May 15, 2006:
Fast KARL the robotic artist has his second podcast online. This time KARL reviews the new movie Art School Confidential and talks about TV Horror show hosts. Follow this link to put some juice in your iPod now. PODCAST


January 3, 2006:
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Or at least a better one.


December 12, 2005:
Fast KARL is experimenting with his mad RSS skilz and is currently beta testing his podcasting ability. Follow this link to put some juice in your iPod now. PODCAST


November 26, 2005:
New designs just added to the FWILDER GIFT SHOP with many new items in kid size just in time for the holidays.


October 25, 2005:
The anual Halloween event is cancelled this year. Just too much going on in the studio this year. Have a great Halloween and please eat too much candy!


May 2, 2005:
Pardon my dust!
Spring cleaning and studio renovation. I am expanding my tiny production studio by knocking out one wall that contained the closet. This will make a big diference in the studio but I will be slow responding to emails for the next week or so. Also clearing out some old things so check my ebay auctions this month for some hot bargains.


February 16, 2005:
The Submariner Project is well underway with plenty of paintings now emerging from the studio. The film project will begin this spring. Selected submariner works by Fred Wilder can currently be seen at the Dolphin Store, Kings Bay, Georgia USA.
The Dolphin Store


January 12, 2005:
A good friend and fellow artist John Lasonio passed away this weekend.
I have put together a tribute page for Johnny with some memories and photos.
The URL is:



July 1, 2004:
Starting in March 2004 Fred went to work refurbishing his Frankenstein machines and preparing to make new music. This project has escalated to include scratch building a full modular analog synthesizer in a large custom built 19 inch rack cabinet. Fred has made a lot of head way in 3 months but the completion of this project may take the best part of the year.
Follow this link to learn more PERSIMMON PROJECT.


July 1, 2004:
Older FWilder NEWS postings prior to July of 2004 have been removed from this site and archieved.




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