Artist Fred Wilder
Date Completed 2005
Size: 11 x 15 inches.
Mixed Media: Acrylic paint and graphite pencil on heavy archival paper.
Location: Works on paper and canvas collection.

Science tells us that the original Mother of all of us came from Africa. The Bible says Jesus reached inside a vagina and produced gold coins. The Hindus teach of the Yoni and Lingum. The Christians Father, Son, and Holy ghost. From the writings of the Anti Nicene Fathers we learn when the Father and Son are held in congress they spirate the Holy Ghost. The vagina in metaphysical terms is the representation of Mind at work, the great producer the vast cosmic void from which all is made manifest on this plane of existence. Fred thinks vaginas are cool and he painted this one while thinking about Hollywood actor Jodi Foster. She looks great whether in uniform for her liberation army or just wearing the casual silver space suit while lounging around the house so Fred thinks she would make a real good wife.

painting by Fred Wilder



Room Two





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