Artist Fred Wilder
Date Completed 2003
Size: 11 x 15 inches.
Medium: Acrylic paint, and china markers on heavy archival paper.
Location: Works on paper and canvas collection.

Fred painted this one for Valentine's Day in loving memory of fellow artist Jonathan Adams (I). You may know him better as the character he played Dr. Everett Von Scott (a Rival Scientist) in the original Richard O,Brian play and the motion picture The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Jonathan was born on Valentine's Day February 14, 1931 in Northampton, England, UK. He passed away on June 13, 2005 in London of a stroke.
As one of the original cast members Jonathan helped Richard O'Brian flesh out the play that became the movie that has meant so much to all of us all these many years.
Thanks for all the Thrills Jon, and here's hoping you are enjoying many new Thrills on the other side.F.Wilder

painting by Fred Wilder



Room Two





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