Artist Fred Wilder
Date Completed 2005
Size: 11 x 15 inches
Mixed Media: Collage with acrylic paint on heavy archival paper. Location: Works on paper and canvas collection.

This is Kathy Griffin's vagina, a fluxus collage in mixed media. Fred Wilder recently sold Kathy Griffin's vagina on ebay and durring the course of that auction Fred recevied many emails about the listing, the vagina, and Kathy griffin. Fred was not sure at first if there would be much interest in Kathy's vagina but it turns out there is a great deal of it. Most of the emails asked if Fred had any more pictures and did Fred have one of Kathy on her back since that's probably where she does most of her best work. Well freinds the wait is over Fred has painted this lovely portrait of Kathy upright in a vivid French impressionist style depicting the D-List vampire vagina that had assualted Fred in the heat of the night summer of 2005. You may not be able to make it out on the computer but there is a bat flying through the moon on the far left, proof positive that Kathy Griffin is a sexual vampire.

painting by Fred Wilder



Room Two





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