Artist Fred Wilder
Date Completed August 2005
Size: 11 x 15 inches
Mixed Media: acrylic on heavy archival paper. Location: Works on paper and canvas collection.

The Choking Game that is growing rapidly with kids world wide. This so called game is known variously as The Choking Game, Fainting Game, Passing-Out Game, Blackout, Funky chicken, Flatliner, Tingling, Suffocation roulette, or Space Monkey, to name a few. Middle-school kids 10 years old and younger try it, some in groups, some alone, using belts, hands, ropes or plastic bags. The point is to shut off the oxygen to the brain to get a sort of high that lasts a few minutes without using drugs. Many kids are injured and some die at the hands of their friends. The worst cases occur when kids try to do this to themselves alone not realizing that when they pass out no one will be there to revive them. Children are found dead by their parents or siblings most never heard of the Choking Game and assume the child died by suicided from hanging.

More parents need to be made aware of this horrible practice. Everyone needs to talk about this and work to educate their kids not to do such a dangerous thing. Choking is Not a game and nothing good can come from it.

painting by Fred Wilder



Room Two





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