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Use your cursor to navigate the Wilder Art Gallery by clicking on a room in the map
Once inside the Wilder Art Gallery you can use the doors or use the key to return to this page.


This online version of The Wilder Art Gallery, contains choice samples of Fred Wilder's artwork. The gallery has become a laberinth to navigate over the years it has been in operation so you may want to use the brass key to return to this page to refer to the map above. Be our guest and take a stroll through Wilder's online gallery of dark and strange artwork.

If you become interested in purchasing Fred's artwork he maintains a shop on Etsy to purchase original works. You may also be interested in the Wilder products and designs on buttons, T-shirts, hats, totes and more over at Zazzle!

If you see something in the gallery that you are just dieing to own, please do not be afraid to ask unless otherwise marked as SOLD.

Enjoy your visit!