The Submariner Project
Room Six, The Submariner exhibit of the Fred Wilder Art Gallery contains works that were created as part of the Submariner Project by Fred Wilder.
Fred Wilder began in 2004 to make sketches and notes for an experimental art film he was planning. He then began creating artwork starting with paintings on paper and stretched canvas along with plans for sculpture works. To date 15 paintings have been completed, and there are several models, and sculptures of strange submarines. As of June 2005 the video elements are just being created and the project has taken on a life of its own. Not knowing who would be collecting Fred's artwork he was surprised to discover or rather be discovered by the Naval submarine community whom have embraced Fred's submariner artwork. On April 15 of 2005 an original painting was presented to Admiral Munns, head of the U.S. Atlantic Fleet, at the Navy Ball in Jacksonville FL. USA.

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No.1 Submariner.

No.2 Submariner.

No.3 Submariner.

No.4 Submariner.

No.5 Submariner.

No.6 Submariner.

No.7 Submariner.

No.8 Submariner.

No.9 Submariner.

No.10 Submariner.

No.11 Submariner.

No.12 Submariner.

No.13 Submariner.


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