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Welcome to the website of visonary artist Fred Wilder.
Fred Is well known for his seascapes and landscapes which he began pursuing after having had brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in 2010. Radiation and chemo followed. Cancer often changes a person and this was the case with Fred, given just three to five years to live Fred Wilder has beat the odds and has been in remission for more than ten years now. Fred Wilder's new outlook on life is reflected in his artwork as his way of showing his appreciation for the miracle of Life.

Before 2010 Fred Wilder was better known for his fluxus and dada punk graffiti influences in his artwork.

After going through many changes Fred Wilder has chosen to reveal the beauty of life through his artwork.

Fred has worn many hats in his career: Film director, screenwriter, actor, fine art painter, and Sculpture, Engineer, and electronic composer.

Fred is the author of The Poetry of Filth, a book of dark poems and prose available at Amozon.com.

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Poetry of Filth, a real book of poems and prose from author Fred Wilder is now available at Amozon.com.
Fred Wilder's Poetry of Filth. This book from Wilder is a collection of putrefying filth, original prose and poems presented for the dark hearted and minded. Author Fred Wilders' poetry is just the thing for visiting old friends at the cemetery. I must warn you though it is a bit ghastly what with there being romantically transmitted ideas and strange fluxus imagery that will turn your marmalade bitter if you are not careful. Go ahead buy a copy today all the smart kids are doing it and you don't want to be left out of the party do you?

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Pocket Full of Film, The essential collection now on DVD.
A DVD collection of film shorts from Writer director Fred Wilder is available from Amazon.com.
The disc contains the filmshorts titled: Spleen of St. Louis, Vampire Flesh, a poem, ZomBees, Label Horrors, Scream Karl, Karl Bites, Agriffic, episode 1, The Ginger Bear, Scheide und Kraut, and The Sex Socks jam at Studio FUZZ. In addition is a sweet collection of the first seven fluxus art films from Wilder's The Bubbles Piece series.




Ebay has stopped their media on demand divison as of June 2021. Wich means Fred Wilders books and DVDs are currently unavailbel

We are activaly seeking new means of distibution at this time.

For information regarding the films of Fred Wilder please visit the St. Croix Studios film production website. Be forewarned at Wilder's film screenings popcorn will Not be served. Best to secure a hot cup of spider's legs with an absinthe chaser for your cinematic pleasure. Use the menu buttons at the top of the page to find your way.

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