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Welcome to the Art Gallery of poet, artist and filmmaker Fred Wilder. A heartwarming story teller, if your heart is fond of terror and tragedy that is. Fred Wilder works with the dark side and has a twisted sense of humor, a bit morbid at times but usually the right time if the evening weather finds you gloomy and your mind has grown dull from industrial noise pollution. Tears pour in from the ramshackle transvestites that often cruise this party scene. Ghost and goblins are popular out on the dance floor as are the lady vampires that frequently gather around the punch bowl, drawn in by the cool red liquid tease. You may wish to consult with a gypsy witch before entering Fred Wilder's Art Gallery, adorn a garlic wreath, a crown of nettles, baby's breath and wolfsbane but do come in all are welcome. Not for the faint of heart as some of the artwork depict frolicking penises and growling vaginas. Tread lightly the deep inner recesses of this gallery for Fred Wilder has let the dogs loose and there are many other more treacherous creatures of the night that make their home here.

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Poetry of Filth, a new book of poems and prose from author Fred Wilder is now available at Amozon.com.
Fred Wilder's Poetry of Filth. This new book from Wilder is a collection of putrefying filth, prose and poems presented for the dark hearted and cruel minded. Author Fred Wilders' poetry is just the thing for visiting old friends at the cemetery. I must warn you though it is a bit ghastly what with there being romanticaly transmitted ideas and strange fluxus imagery that will turn your marmalade bitter if you are not careful. Go ahead buy a copy today all the smart kids are doing it and you don't want to be left out of the party do you?

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Pocket Full of Film, The essential collection now on DVD.
A DVD collection of film shorts from Writer director Fred Wilder has finally arrived and availabel from Amazon.com.
The disc contains the shorts titled: Spleen of St. Louis, Vampire Flesh, a poem, ZomBees, Label Horrors, Scream Karl, Karl Bites, Agriffic, episode 1, The Ginger Bear, Scheide und Kraut, and The Sex Socks jam at Studio FUZZ. In addition is a sweet collection of the first seven fluxus art films from Wilder's The Bubbles Piece series.




The Wilder Art Gallery houses a rich sampling of Fred's paintings, automata, and sculptures for the entertainment of those that crave a life after dark and a stroll down gothic paths fraught with danger and mystery. For information regarding the films of Fred Wilder please visit the St. Croix Studios film production website. Be forewarned at Wilder's film screenings popcorn will Not be served. Best to secure a hot cup of spider's legs with an absinthe chaser for you cinematic pleasure. Use the menu buttons at the top of the page to find your way.

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