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The recording studio is built in a spare room and decorated with funky tropical treasures to insure a harmonious vibe while working with a mired of electronics and technology. The main Keyboards and effects rack. Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Rev. 3.3 with Midi and Studio Logic SL-161 Midi controller keyboard routed through Keyfax Phat-Boy knob box. Along with sampled sounds collected from field trips on analog tape Fred Wilder uses a variety of analog moduler synthesizers and vintage digital synth modules including circuit bent elctronics like the Casio SK1 that has been altered internally to bring out new and wonderful sounds.

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This effects rack holds a Zoom Studio 1201 and a Zoom 1204 multi effect units, an Alesis 3630 compressor, Behringer Ultra patch bay, Akai ME 30p 4x8 Midi patchbay, and the Behringer MXB1002 pre amp mixer. Below the rack is the Yamaha TX7 FM synth expander. Most of the music machines are recorded through here with effects added before mixing in Cakewalk on the computer. All thoughthere is a fair amount of MIDI gear in the project studio Fred prefers working with C.V. control voltage driven sytems like the Persimmon Synthesizer a large moduler synth Fred designed and built that looks and functions a bit like a vintage Serge synthesizer. MIDI sequencing is done on the Roland MC-500 its a bit old now but Fred can work very fast on it having used it for so many years.

Click to enlarge image Prototype circuit boards and custom filter modules wired up like a modular synth. Some times it takes a little extra work to get the right sound.
Click for larger image The PC Computer I use for recording from tape and multi track editing of which it makes quick work of.
I bring in my field recordings / samples along with sounds and music produced in this project studio into the computer for final editing and mix down in Cakewalk and then burn the CDs right here. Not shown is the Roland MC-500 Micro Composer I use for midi sequencing and editing. Its a bit dated now but I prefer to work with machines other than the PC computer and software as much as possible I find it more intuitive especially when it comes to the virtual synthesizers which I disdain. You need the tactile feedback of your instrument to create art, software is for engineers and word processing.




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